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Water Treatment

Water is required for the power plant for cooling and for cycle make-up. In order to ensure water of the required quality for the power plant, Water Treatment Plants (WTP) are required.
Similarly, in order to conform to environmental regulations, the effluent water generated from the power plant process needs to be treated in an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). EGBPSPL has considerable expertise in design, selection, supply and execution of both WTP and ETP.

Services Offered

  • Complete design, engineering and procurement of WTP, ETP’s.
  • Water analysis, laboratory and testing
  • Raw water and DM water storage tanks
  • Interconnecting piping, trenches and associated civil works


Treatment plants for water and effluents are conceptualized based on the availability of water and its quality from source. Further, these plants are engineered to cater to the requirements of the project with right quality parameters. In general, the equipments available in a general scheme of water treatment plants are:


Raw water tank

Mixed bed (MD)

High rate solid contact clarifier (HRSCC)

Neutralization pit (N – Pit)

Multi grade filter / sand filter (MGF)

NaOCl, HCl and FeSO4 dozing tank

Ultra filtration and storage tanks (UF)

Lime, polymer and dolomite prep tank

Reverse osmosis (RO)

Cleanin in process (CIP)

Degasser  (DGF)

Anitscalant and SMBS dosing tank

Strong acid cation (SAC)

Side stream filter

Strong base anion (SBA)

Bulk caustic and pH correction tank