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Fire Protection

Fire incidents are unpredictable, but prevention of damage to human life, equipment, property and buildings is of utmost importance. Design and engineering of firefighting systems are carried out as per the erstwhile Tariff Advisory Committee (TAC) norms. Damages due to fire can be extensive, but preventive measures are taken to counter the effects in event of occurrence for which the following are systems are provided:

  • Fire Protection Pumps ie Jockey, AC & DC Driven Pumps
  • Fire Water Storage reservoir for fire protection system
  • Fire Hydrant Systems with hydrant lines, hydrants, monitors and foam system as required
  • Sprinklers for fuel handling system
  • HVWS and MVWS systems for transformers, cable gallery and lube oil tanks
  • Portable CO2 and Foam Extinguishers at strategic locations
  • Addressable and Non-Addressable fire alarm systems with smoke detectors, photo electric sensors, heat detectors, hooters etc
  • Fire water storage of 5,00,000 litres in a reservoir tank reserved for fire protection system

Services Offered

  • Design, Engineering and Procurement of complete HVAC
  • Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning
  • Associated civil works including equipment foundations, storage tanks, piping, pipe supports