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Fabrication is one of the indigenous strengths of Enmas GB, through decades of experience. Continuous improvement being implemented in design concepts has enabled ease in the flawless fabrication process. The following fabrication works are being carried out by us:

  • Pipe racks
  • Pipe supports
  • DM tanks
  • Oil tanks
  • Ash silos
  • TG building columns, beams and roofs
  • Steel mill structural
  • Fuel storage yard and sheds
  • Bulk acid storage tanks
  • Fuel handling structural i.e. trestle supports, closed hood structural with galvalume sheeting, hand rails, checkered plate, staircase, etc.

Works Executed

An array of complex and intricate piping design and routing has been executed for more than 2100 m length of IBR piping. IBR piping conveys steam at various pressures which are completely insulated with mineral wool and cladded with 0.7 mm aluminum sheets.

  • Main Steam pipelines of 580 m length conveying super-heated steam of pressures ranging from 89 ata to 105 ata and temperatures at 5200C
  • High pressure piping of 921 m length conveying high pressure steam ranging from 15 ata to 140 ata
  • Low pressure pipelines of 590 m length conveying low pressure steam piping at 8 ata
  • Service water piping of 220 m length meeting complete plant requirements
  • RCC bed silo of 200 m3 capacity, MS bed ash silo of 300 m3 and two (2) MS fly ash silo of 550 m3 and two (2) MS fly ash silo of 400 m3
  • Instrument and service air system of 4x500Nm3/hr capacity inclusive of piping for the complete plant at different required locations with air receiver tanks for intermittent storage
  • 15kL LDO tank with necessary oil piping
  • Fabrication of structural steel works amounting to 3800 tons for TG building, fuel handling system, ash handling system and water treatment plant in the form of columns, roofs, roof truss, beams, channels, standard components, etc.
  • 8000 tons structural steel works for Rolling Mill Building
  • ACC horizontal ducting of material Galvanized Sheet Steel (GSS) of Ø 2500 mm for length of 22.7 m and Ø 1800 mm for length of 30 m
  • Ø 1200 mm buried cooling water piping for length of 100 m with protective wrapping coating of tar tape