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Erection & Commissioning

Manufacturing of equipments and delivery to site only completes 70% of the project as the real skills of an organization are put to test during erection and commissioning of the equipment. Erection & commissioning is a systematic and sequential process, the performance of which requires expertise in this field. Following this philosophy since our inception there have been several milestone achievements in this regard till date.

Continuous joint effort of experienced professionals, engineers, workers and statutory approvals has been a catalyst to meet targets resulting in customer satisfaction by successfully completing and handing over projects.

The rule of law by registering for Labour Licences, ESI Policy for sub-contractors and Electrical Inspectorate Licence are strictly followed in all our sites.

All electrical installation work carried out by EGBPSPL complies with the provisions of the Indian Electricity Act, Indian Electricity Rules, IS Code of Practice, recommendation of the erstwhile Tariff Advisory Committee (TAC) and any other rules and regulations applicable to work.