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Environment, Health & Safety

At Enmas GB Power Systems Projects Ltd, we put Safety First. Through teamwork, and in partnership with employees, clients and contractors Enmas GB works to meet legislative requirements and through continuous improvement achieve best practice standards. This approach reflects our dedication to building a culture of safety. From the CEO to employees at every job site, safety awareness is an integral component in any endeavor we undertake. Through continuous improvement our goal is to create an environment and culture where all employees, and non-employees who work with us, can reasonably expect to be free from injury and illness.

Safety Policy:

Sub Contractor’s Safety Systems:

Enmas GB identifies contractors with good safety programs through pre-qualification and screening process.  This is accomplished by looking at the contractor’s past safety history. Reviewing past three year’s records: OHS Recordable Incident Rates and Lost Time Incident Rate. Also, Enmas GB reviews the contractor’s current safety history and obtains references from past clients.

Documentation and Procedure:

Enmas GB safety documents and procedures provide guidelines for record and document control of workplace health and safety information. These procedures outline the steps to be taken and implemented at site. Some procedures are specific to a job or task while others are general descriptions regarding implementation of safety guidelines.

Site Safety Plan / Manual:

The Enmas GB Site safety plan assists sites to manage their workplace health and safety obligations. The Site Safety Plan provides measures to eliminate accidents and injuries that could occur during normal daily activities.

Dedicated Safety Staffs:

Based on the project size, Enmas GB deploys necessary number of dedicated experienced safety officers to monitor and implement Enmas GB safety systems at site.

In-house Training and Education:

Enmas GB’s safety training and education at site enables workers to handle their jobs more effectively and safely; besides they also learn the techniques to survive any mishaps.

Incident Investigation:

In case of an incident at site, Incident investigation focusses on finding facts & causes and determining the preventive measures required to prevent the incident from happening again. The investigation will be conducted by Enmas Safety Committee and/or a team of Senor Executives based on the severity of the incident.

Safety Inspections:

Workplace inspections help prevent injuries and illnesses. Through critical examination of the workplace, hazards are identified and suitable action taken to correct the same. Enmas GB occupational health and safety committees plan, conduct, report and monitor inspections. Regular workplace inspections are an important part of the overall Enmas GB occupational health and safety program.