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The foundation of successful power plants is its engineering. With specialisations in various streams of engineering and years of experience adding to our credentials, EGBPSPL has a very strong base in engineering of power plants. Engineering and project execution at site is well coordinated through a project manager. Every project has a project engineer who will be responsible for the timely release of drawings, documents and coordinates with all the sub groups of the engineering team.

Our engineering teams are divided into the following sub groups in order to achieve the objective of consolidation of expertise, accuracy and finally execution of engineering work.

  • General Engineering
  • Main Plant – Boiler, Turbine Generator, Condenser (Air/Water Cooled)
  • Fuel & Ash Handling
  • Water Systems – Cooling Water System & Water Treatment
  • Utilities – HVAC , Firefighting & Compressed Air Systems
  • Piping
  • Electrical
  • Control & Instrumentation
  • Civil