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Electrical System

In a power plant, electrical & control instrumentation is critical for operating, monitoring and controlling various installed equipment. E&CI in power projects are interdependent and hence the design and engineering for these packages are carried out concurrently based on the design considered for the power plant.

Electrical engineering of all electrical equipment and materials for the power plant is carried at in conforming with the latest applicable standards published by Bureau of Indian Standards (IS), International Electro Technical Commission (IEC), Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Central Electricity Authority (CEA) and Central Board of Irrigation & Power (CBIP), thereby resulting in high reliability of plant operation.

E&CI BOP in general consists of several equipment integrated with other packages such as Main Power Island and Mechanical BOP to ensure high availability and efficient working of the power plant. Some of the equipment in the electrical package are:

  • Generator Transformer
  • Distribution Transformer
  • High Tension (HT) Switchgear
  • Segregated / Isolated Phase Bus Duct (SPBD) and Non SPBD (NSPBD)
  • Low Tension (LT) Power Control Centre (PCC) / Plant Motor Control Centre (PMCC)
  • LT MCC Panel
  • HT Cables
  • LT Power & Control Cables
  • Emergency Power Supply System
  • Cable Trays & Accessories
  • Battery & Battery Charger
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Distribution Board (DB) for AC & DC
  • Lightning Protection
  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
  • Above & Below Ground Earthing
  • Local Push Button Station
  • Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange (EPABX )

Control & Instrumentation System

The main power plant operation and monitoring i.e., start up, loading, normal operation; shutdown etc. will be from a Distributed Control System (DCS) located in the Central Control Room (CCR). For ease of operation, the entire plant will be functionally divided into different zones to be monitored and controlled. The control and instrumentation system would generally comprise the following:

  • Field Instruments
  • Pressure Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Flow Measurement
  • Level Measurement
  • Control Valves
  • Cables and Accessories
  • Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Engineering & Operating Station
  • Printers
  • Display Monitors / LCD
  • Panel / Control Desk
  • Junction Box