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Civil Construction

Civil Engineering

With a team of highly qualified engineers with wide experiences in the civil sector, Enmas GB has successfully been able to accomplish various milestones in services offered in civil sector.

Services Offered

  • Soil investigation
  • Topographic survey
  • Detailed design and engineering
  • Structural analysis
  • Piling
  • Rock blasting
  • Foundations
  • Buildings

Various resources and facilities available in-house has enabled us to achieve perfection which as a result can be seen in all our buildings erected. The facilities are:

  • AutoCAD, STAAD Foundation, STAAD Pro
  • A0 plotters and printers
  • Project scheduling and management – MS Projects

Projects Executed

  • Total civil works of around Rs.50 crores has been executed in three power project. Our projects being
    •  ISMT Limited, Chandrapur, Maharashtra.
    • Surendra Mining Industries Private Limited, Bonai, Orissa.
    • ITC Limited – Paper Boards & Speciality Papers Division, Tribeni, West Bengal.

Civil Works Completed

  • Turbine Generator buildings ranging from 18 m to 28 m in elevations, upto 120 m in length and 48 m in width build with RCC and steel columns
  • TFoundations for all systems and equipments in the power plant
  • TBuilding walls in a combination of Meta Poly cladding and brick work
  • TDrains and cable trenches
  • TAsh silos
  • TChimneys of height upto 90 m elevations both in RCC and steel
  • TGround hopper both above and below ground
  • TCutting, levelling, mark-up, civil foundations, structural works, fencing and cable trenches for 6 bays 220 kV switchyard including 4km double circuit transmission line