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Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion Boiler (AFBC)

Capacities: Up to 200 TPH
Twelve (12) nos AFBC boilers having capacities varying between 55 TPH to 170 TPH have already been commissioned. Further six (6) nos AFBC boilers are under various stages of erection and commissioning.
Design pressure & temperature: Upto 140 kg/cm2 (g) & 540ºC
Fuels: Bituminous Coals of Indian & Imported origin, Husk, biomass, Char, Washery Rejacts.

Technology Collaboration:

Technological collaboration with Doosan Power Systems (Formerly Babcock Power – UK) for boilers upto 300 TPH. There are more than 42 nos AFBC boilers operating worldwide which were designed as per Doosan Power System design and supplied either directly from the UK or produced by their licensees.

Salient Features:

  • Low fluidizing velocity for lower wear of bed tubes.
  • Deep bed operation for better combustion.
  • High pressure drop bed nozzles which ensures even air distribution even at low loads. No clicker formation in our AFBC boilers.
  • Optimised stud pattern for long life.
  • Flexibility to choose from Charcoal start-up, Oil assisted Charcoal start-up or pure Oil start-up.
  • Flexibility to choose from either Underfeed, Overbed feeding or even a combination of both.
  • Normally, superheaters are in convection and bed superheaters avoided for improved reliability.
  • Variety of design to choose from Box type “El-Passo” design to nose type design or to two pass bottom supported design.
  • Doosan Guidelines on Superheater and circulation which were developed for large boilers are employed even in the smallest of the boilers.
  • The smallest of the boilers will have proper drum internals and cyclones for effective steam separation.
  • The ever reliable Babcock spreaders & feeders employed in overbed feeding.
  • For abrasive fuels, special design considerations and provision of sacrificial shields.
  • Continuous improvement & refinement ongoing.

Built to Last

The boilers commissioned in early 90’s are still in operation. This is a testimony to the robust construction & design features employed in the boilers. The boilers designed & supplied today, have the same hallmark in reliability & longevity.

t Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion Boiler (AFBC)